Jenny Peplow - Career

Jenny Peplow has enjoyed an exciting and varied career to date.  In 1967 , at the age of 8, her amazing voice was discovered by the chairman of ICI, Sir John Harvey Jones who encouraged her parents to make her have singing lessons as she had  a 'special voice'.


One year later Jenny started singing lessons with Mrs Margaret Thomas in Bristol and became a revered competitor winning a wealth of classes in Eisteddfods over a 10 year period.

During this era Jenny also achieved Honours in her London Guild Hall School of  Music exams.


At the age of 14 Jenny's career took a different direction to the TV fame of Junior Showtime (the X Factor of the day!)  Following on from this Jenny began to perform at Weddings and other Functions. She was also a member of the BBC Radio Girls Choir.


The young singer was now the teacher at 19, when she took on her first pupil and enjoyed further success at 20 owning a ladies choir which performed at various London venues with the highlight at the London Palladium!


From here her solo career took off with performances up and down the country in a variety of venues and still continuing to teach singing.


Despite trying to retire, Jenny moved to the country only to find her love and passion for music has pulled her back into setting up 5 choirs.



Choir members thoughts:

"Jenny's energy, enthusiasm and passion is infectious, I can't imagine never singing."  Lou (Alto)


"How do we ever learn anything when we laugh so much!"  Mary (1st soprano)


"I've done very little singing before, but now Jenny has helped me find my voice I really love singing with the choir and the challenge of learning harmonies. It's such a friendly group, our rehearsals and concerts lift the spirits!"  Christine (2nd Soprano)


"I hadn’t sung in a choir since school around 20 years ago and missed doing something musical.  I was really nervous initially about finding the courage to go along but I shouldn’t have worried as Jenny and the whole choir were so lovely and welcoming. I can honestly say that making that phone call to Jenny to find out more was one of the best things I ever did and 2 years later I can’t imagine life without singing." Tania (1st soprano)




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